Roberto Chaves Cortes • 1955-2024

His legacy lives on!

Roberto genuinely cared for people

He served with love and compassion

A team of 2 who inspired a team of many!

Roberto and Maria Luisa married 39 years!

Roberto helped those who help others

Multiplying God's goodness in Colombia

    In loving memory of Roberto Chaves Cortes (1955-2024)

    "Well done, thou good and faithful servant... Enter into the joy of thy lord."

    A Legacy of Transformative Education and Generosity!

    It is with deep sadness that we commemorate the life of Roberto Chaves Cortes, a beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Professional, Entrepreneur, Missionary, and Visionary. Above all, he was a remarkable evangelist, passionately sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone he encountered.

    Roberto Chaves was the President of Impact Initiatives and Fundación Karis, which he and his wife, Maria Luisa, established in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Roberto left an indelible mark on the organizations and the people they served by blending managerial and business skills with a profound commitment to social transformation. His executive career at Vogue Cosmetics Laboratories SA laid the groundwork for his dedication to changing communities, guided by empathy and a genuine desire to make a significant difference in the lives of those fortunate enough to know and work with him.

    Motivated by the conviction to share the gift of "grace" symbolized by "Karis," Roberto sought to transform the lives of vulnerable children in Altos de Cazucá, Bogotá-Soacha, Colombia. The word "KARIS," derived from the Latin word "charis" (meaning "grace"), represents an undeserved gift, something given even when not deserved. Roberto believed in extending this grace to others, inspired by his own transformation through education and service, and his relationship with Jesus Christ.

    The mission of the Karis Foundation, championed by Roberto Chaves, goes beyond education. It aims to shape agents of change in the most needy and vulnerable communities in Colombia, turning education into a catalyst for transformation.

    In honoring Roberto's legacy of generosity and love for education, the Chaves family requests that instead of flowers, that donations in memory of Roberto would be given to sponsor the education of a child at Liceo Nueva Vida school in Bogotá that he and his wife established. This action reflects Roberto and his family's passion and commitment to education, providing a valuable opportunity to those who need it most.

    Donations can be made through the following websites:

    As we mourn Roberto's passing, let us remember the profound impact he made, and continue his legacy by supporting the education of vulnerable children, in accordance with the words of Proverbs 22:6:

    "Instruct the child in his way, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it."

    Help Sustain Roberto's Legacy

    You may donate through Impact Initiatives in the USA or through Karis Foundation in Colombia. Donations are tax deductible for citizens of these countries where payments are made.