Joythi Finds Joy

Joythi standing in front of her corrugated metal shack. She is dressed beautifully in traditional attire.

Once upon a time, there was a remarkable young woman named Joythi. She came from a background rich in traditions and beliefs, surrounded by idols and practices of another faith. Despite her strong upbringing, Joythi faced a heartbreaking challenge – she couldn’t conceive a child even after years of marriage. The weight of disappointment, depression, and hopelessness burdened her every day. Her family, neighbors, and relatives would question her, blaming her for the absence of a child.

Seema and her children. Seema introduced Joythi to the Pastor Sujit’s church.

Amidst her tears and pain, a turning point arrived in the form of a church member named Seema. Seema invited Joythi to experience the love, peace, and hope found within her church’s embrace. Eagerly, Joythi accepted the invitation and stepped into Pastor Sujit’s church, where she felt an overwhelming sense of belonging and acceptance. This pastor and his congregation are one of the initiatives of Impact Initiatives supported by our donors.

In her pursuit of Jesus Christ, Joythi decided to take a leap of faith and be baptized. Little did she know that this act would bring forth a miracle. Joythi discovered that she was carrying a baby, filling her heart with immeasurable joy and gratitude towards God.

With a heart overflowing with gratitude, Joythi opened her home to prayer and fellowship, inviting others to witness the wondrous ways in which her life had been transformed. Among those touched by her story was a second lady, who was battling sickness. Inspired by Joythi’s unwavering faith, this lady too found healing and restoration through her connection with the church and baptism.

Together, Joythi and the second lady have continued their journey of faith, their lives forever intertwined by the power of love, faith, and the miracle of receiving true joy.

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